M&A and Strategic Advisory

Advice Re Capital provides world-class merger and acquisition advisory services and transaction execution.

Our M&A and Strategic Advisory team supports the indsutry through tailor-made advisory solutions, distinguished by senior banker involvement, deep industry sector expertise and global reach.

We are regularly involved in large, complex and industry-defining transactions, often across national borders. We counsel our clients through all stages of the process as we evaluate strategic alternatives, assess potential acquirers and targets, provide valuation analyses, and advise on transaction terms including valuation, structuring, timing and potential financing.

Our team of experienced professionals has an unparalleled track record of providing exceptional results for our clients, which include institutional investors, private equity firms, family offices, and entrepreneurs.

Our Services

M&A Growth Strategy

Helping you find the path to grow your business to its full potential

M&A deal sourcing and origination

Identify and assess strategic fit of an acquisition target, offer guidance to help access debt and equity capital, and provide independent perspective on deal terms.

Buy/Sell Side M&A

The expertise and network to acquire strategic assets or offload undesired assets based on growth strategy.

M&A diligence and valuation

Thorough due diligence on M&A terms in areas of commercial risk, financial risk, operations & synergies, valuation, and regulatory requirements.

M&A Integration

We use a structured approach to help you integrate a target asset successfully and maximize deal value.

Strategic Advisory

Focus on exotic M&A structures such as spin offs, SPVs, sale & Leaseback, cash flow rights, etc.